About MCDS

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MCDS stands for “Martin Centro de Serviços” and is an expansion an Austrian company based in Vienna, WMS Nöbauer. It was founded in São Paulo, Brazil in 2007 and it had since then the aim to achieve the customers situated in South America.

Since 1994, we have been proving our customers throughout the world with services and repairs for tool grinding machines from various manufacturers, including renovation and retrofit, regardless of the age and condition of the particularities of the machines.

In order to attend to the needs of our customers in South America, more specifically in Brazil, we decided to invest more in MCDS and hired an experienced Brazilian technician on-site so that now we are more flexible.

Like our Viennese company WMS Nöbauer, MCDS provides all kind of services related to tooling machines worldwide. This enables our customers to save considerably on transport, shipping and insurance costs so that expensive machine downtime can be considerably shortened.

We are happy to answer to your demand personally and will stay at your disposal to any special project or solution as soon as we become your email.