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Open House 2016 Open House 2016

WMS Nöbauer´s Open House, in partnership with SOS Elektronik, took place from the 15th to the 19th of March in Wasserbug, a picturesque small village on the Bodensee Lake, also known as Lake Constance. We offered our customers and business partners the opportunity to take a deep view in our latest project: the retrofit of a Walter Classic Power.

During our event, we spoke about future projects and exchanged some new ideas about having a retrofit done, instead of buying a new machine. Certainly we took into consideration new customers who were interested in buying overhauled machines too.

It was especially useful that potential and current customers meet so that there was a dynamic exchange of ideas and contacts among them.

Impressions of our Open House 2016


A brief review about the event

The Open House 2016 took place by the end of March in the South of Bavaria, Germany, and WMS Nöbauer, together with SOS Elektronik, were very proud to welcome customers from many different countries to have an effective discussion discussion about retrofit.

As a result, visitors from China, Canada, USA, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands came to join the event. It was also possible to visit the famous German grinding exposition, the Grind Tec in order to meet customers from Argentina and Spain who were not able to visit the Open House in Wasserburg.

As WMS Nöbauer and SOS Elektronik are always concerned about customer´s needs and offering steady good service, a Shuttle Bus Service from the GrindTec to the Hotel in Wasserburg was offered. During the program two machines were exposed during 40 hours. There were offered live demos of a Power 400 that was retrofitted with 2016 technology, demos of an A axis with 800 RPM, glass scales and the latest SNS & Software technology.

Some of the visitors also stayed with us and joined the original Bavarian breakfast. In addition to that, there were hostesses who pampered the guests with an exquisite selection of Austrian wines and selected pralines.

Some final considerations and the engagement of MCDS

MCDS, a Brazilian company and an expansion to WMS Nöbauer, intends to present this article of the event in Germany in order to show our future customers an overview of the services we offer, as well as to promote the company in a cohesive and detailed way. Thereby, we wish to simplify the networking with our potential business partners, while creating a sustainable and lasting bond based on technical personalized services that are adapted to all kind of specific needs.